Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day Off

Things have been very stressful lately and I have an overloaded schedule BUT last Tuesday I looked at the weather forecast at 7 am. It said that it was going to be a sunny day topping out at 80 degrees. I thought and thought about dropping everything (even though I knew there would be a price to pay!) and going down to the beach for one more day before the fall weather would make it difficult. I put on my swimsuit, packed my lunch, grabbed a towel, my beach chair and some magazines and went for it!
One hour later I was sitting by the ocean edge watching the ocean on a beautiful sunny day. The only depressing thing was the beach patrol was in the process of taking the life guard stands and boats off the beach for the season. I watched while they were packing them up and remembered the other days I drove down for a day to escape the stress of my life.
I don't know whether it was my imagination or not but everything this day seemed more beautiful than before. I am so glad that I took the time off because at least I had a few hours of peace and tranquility. My schedule is crazier than ever (especially with the day off) but it was well worth it!